What To Do Around Cattle


Please consider the following tips to avoid conflicts with livestock:

Slow down to walking speed if you approach cattle in the trail. This is for your safety and the safety of livestock. Approach cattle very slowly and give them time to move off the trail.

If a cow runs down the trail in front of you, stop and wait, and let the animal move off the trail. It's important not to herd cattle down the trail. You may be unwittingly driving calves away from their mothers and causing undue stress to the animals.

Passing through gates: If a gate is open, leave it open; if a gate is closed, ride through and close it behind you. If a gate is posted no trespassing, do not enter.

Don't harm water tanks or water supply systems. Water is crucial for livestock and wildlife in this dry area.

Leash dogs. Do not allow them to chase livestock or wildlife.
If you see anyone harassing cattle, please notify Little Land & Livestock at 208-365-4611